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PHOTO / VIDEO video production

Vector has been video taping and photographing a multitude of events, since 1984 when the VHS format first came on the scene and there was no digital still cameras. A lot has changed since then, especially with quality of equipment, wireless microphones, and especially cameras. We use the ever popular low light broadcast quality SONY HVR Z1U (at right) Mini DV camera. This particular camera delivers stunning picture resolution and color clarity, like you see on commercial TV. It is also perfect for low light conditions sometimes found at weddings, artificial lighting conditions, and the sound quality is super Hi-Fi. We even use high level wireless remote lapel microphones, which greatly add to the sound quality when the main speaker is talking, no matter what the distance is from the camera. Standard microphones can also be used for interviews and large groups. All of our work is guaranteed to your satisfaction or money back!


Here's a short blurb on the experience and background of Vector Studios from the owner Roger W. Breternitz. It's only 3 minutes long and gives you a great overview of how we can help you in many different areas of your business, advertising, or social life.


Vector provides a graphic design service to help your sales and marketing by creating corporate image material such as logos, business cards, letterhead stationary, envelopes, and everything you need to make a new business a success, or upgrade your existing image, and with a super fast turnaround time. VOICE OVER, recording studio


OGMs - Callers On Hold

You've heard it a 100 times...you call a company, they put you on hold and you have got to sit there and listen to some boring elevator music, scratchy rap, or - if they have any professionalism at all, they've got a message playing ABOUT their business. It can help educate the caller as to what they do, how they do it, how it can help them, and any update about their product or super sales they may have going on at the time.


If you need a voice for an audio project, presentation, have an original song you would like to hear put to music, or anything that needs spoken word to clarify the meaning, or motivate the listener, let us do an audition Mp3 file for you. With a 24 hour turn-around time (or less) we want to show you how it will sound. Call us to find out!


Do people tell you that you have a great sounding voice, and should be an announcer? Even if you don't, there is still a limitless market for all kinds of voices in the the audio field of voice-over advertising. You don't have to be great looking, slim, or look like a movie star, you just have to have the kind of voice that an audio/video producer is searching for. BUT... how do they find you? You need an example of your voice in an actual commercial ad to make you sound like a pro in the "VO" business. That's where Vector comes in, we can make a demo disc of you talking about a service or product and put just the right music and effects in the background to make it sound like a top, professionally produced radio of TV advertisement. We even can create the label that goes on the disc to make it LOOK like you're a real VO professional, and that makes the difference in a hiring agent listening to your CD FIRST! The pay may actually be $200 to $300 for even a 30 second commercial, so don't wait, get on the VO band wagon today, call us to find out how.


If you have to create a RFP, grant submission, technical manual, insurance claim breakdown, or any document to further a desired action, Vector can be your pipeline to a finished product that will get the results you are seeking. So if you're a "Two finger" typist, but you need "Ten finger" speed, let Vector be your conduit in creating a document that will bring you the results you seek. We also can create videos, photos, isometric exploded view drawings with parts lists and more, to illustrate your product or service to your target market. So you've got a product or service that will set the world on it's ear, but you're not the most creative marketing genius? Tell us the general idea, and purpose and we will write the copy that brings in the business, and new sales orders.


We make your efforts to close deals and sell properties more efficient, less time consuming, and more rewarding through the creation of videos, photos and flyers to best illustrate the property and the surrounding area. If one picture is worth a 1000 words then one video is priceless in capturing the total picture and feeling of that particular property. Then...when it is time to have an OPEN HOUSE, let us put up (and take down later) all of your open house signs so you can start the day fresh, energized and ready to present your property and yourself in the best possible light.


At Vector we come across new and very useful products from time to time and would like to share the opportunity to enjoy them with you. They are very useful items we either manufacture our sleves, or being made by other trustworthy companies. We have found these items to be very credible and helpful to anyone using them. Keep checking our web site for you and upcoming product that make our lives easier and our efforts more efficient in all areas.

DINGPROTECTOR FOR YOUR CAR Dingprotector,dent protector, dent protection

This could be the one most useful piece of automobile related equipment you ever buy. It prevents those costly little dings and dents left by inconsiderate people that park next to you in public lots at work, the grocery store, the ski slope or just about any place you have to park your precious ride with in "Striking distance" of another car's door. When opened by an impetuous 10 year old or even the well meaning person who allows the wind to whip the door out of their hands, the result is another ding in your beautiful new paint job or new or classic car, that will cost you hundreds of dollars to repair. Now you can protect it for less that a tenth of the price to fix, repair, and paint it. Check it out by clicking on the picture.


Don't forget, all work and products are "Satisfaction guaranteed", and thanks for your interest in VECTOR STUDIOS.

Roger W. Breternitz - Owner

We are located in Laguna Niguel, Ca. and can be contacted at the following numbers:

Office 949 / 542 7935... Mobil:310 / 963-4969 - email us