If you cherish your new car, or new paint job, or you just want to keep that "Parking lot rash" off your vehicle, then...



What is it?

Well, as you can see it's a very simple, and affordable item to protect your vehicle doors from that ever-present danger of the inconsiderate person or CHILD, that exits a vehicle and wipes out the side of your car with a "Ding" that will cost you hundreds of dollars to repair. It's a firm density 2" diameter foam cylinder approximately 3 feet long with a soft nylon retainer cord that won't hurt weather stripping. It hangs on or over the window or door in the best defense position to protect your door.

One of a kind

There is not another product on the market like it, and the price is a fraction of what it would cost you to have those dents and dings taken out, filled, and repainted. Not to mention the fact if you just bought your vehicle you really don't want to get the first door dent at any cost!

Fits any vehicledigprotector

Doesn't matter what kind of car, van, or truck you have, DINGPROTECTOR, will keep it safe from flying doors and shopping carts. Just adjust the soft flexible cord to the proper length and you have total protection for the side of your vehicle.

When do you need it?

The DINGPROTECTOR is not meant for constant use (although it can be) or meant to be left on the vehicle when in motion. It's main focus is protecting your vehicle when you park in certain situations, like being in a large parking lot at work, or shopping center. You never know who will be parking next to you and what kind of vehicle they may have, or who will be getting out of that door next to you. The worst culprits are large SUVs driven by inconsiderate people in a hurry, or with kids who push the door open as hard as they can to bolt from the vehicle. Other destroyers are the old piece of rusty junk that is a rolling photo for "Donate your vehicle to your favorite charity" poster. These people could care less about your car. Since it only takes ONE TIME to come away with that door dent that makes you wanna kill somebody, DINGPROTECTOR can prevent this from happening. We know the drill...you always park far away from the crowd, on the end if possible, and on an angle...but, there is going to be that ONE time when you're in a hurry, late for work or the movie, and you HAVE to park within "Striking distance" of the worst wreck in the universe. That's when you need DINGPROTECTOR! THAT'S when it will become worth 10 times what you pay for it.

Car dealers and distributors - Volume discount

The DINGPROTECTOR is great for protecting your vehicles for sale on your lot, and can save you a ton of money in damages. We can also PRINT YOUR DEALERSHIP NAME AND PHONE NUMBER on the side of it to make a great give-away advertising tool. Each time someone uses it to protect their new car, everyone one will see your name, and think, "What a great place to buy my next vehicle." They also make terrific items for sale in your parts department. Just call us for special volume order quotes. (949) 542- 7935









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