Corporate & Training

If you are going to hire a speaker, trainer, motivator, or corporate executive to address your company, or group, you simply MUST have documentation of the event. You can then make copies of the DVD, send it to all your personnel concerned, and carve hours off of training and or motivation seminars. This is worth much more that the original price of conception, and can boost your bottom line profit margin by increasing efficiency, motivation, and over all employee morale. Put your best people on camera, let them train the others, and save big bucks. If you hire an expensive motivator or trainer you MUST document his seminar to present to future employees. CLICK PICS AT RT FOR EXAMPLES OF TRAINING / CORP. VIDEOS

Guitar Instructional DVD Video guitar lessons

If you want to learn to play guitar and you're starting from the beginning, this is the DVD for you! It doesn't leave anything out, assumes you know nothing about guitar, and will save you loads of money on what guitar to buy, what accessory equipment to buy, and of course what NOT to buy. If you do the lessons and practice once a day, you will certainly be playing simple songs in 30 days or less...GUARANTEED. Just click on the photo for a short example of the first few minutes. You will be directed to the page where you can learn all about the DVD and even purchase it with Visa, MC, or Pay pal. So, don't wait, playing to amuse yourself or others at parties and gatherings is just around the corner. JUST DO IT!

Again SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Call NOW, for open dates and more info-949 542 7935