Voice-over Demos voice over

Have you had people say that you have a great sounding voice? Even if not, there is room in the huge field of voice-overs for people with all types of voices, male, female, and even children. The pay is phenomenal, and the hours are great, but...you need a demo CD to present to agents to even get your foot in the door. We have a digital 24 track studio that produces unequaled sound of your voice reading an actual commercial. Then we put music and effects behind it to give it a professional sound like it was a "Paid" commercial . We can even use your picture, or take one, and put it on the jacket and label cover we can create for you, to give it a total professional look. This will put you on the right road to success, and maximize your chances of hiring agents calling you. Call us now for free consultation on how to get started in this lucrative field. CLICK HERE to play some examples of our VO Demos

"Voices.com" Here is another link with an organization that is carries our voice-over demos so you can listen to a few more exampleshttp://www.voices.com/people/VectorStudios

Messages for Callers On Hold

You've heard it a 100 times...you call a company, they put you on hold and you have got to sit there and listen to some boring elevator music, scratchy rap, or - if they have any professionally at all, they've got a message playing ABOUT their business. It can help educate the caller about what they do, how they do it, how it can help them, and any update about their product or super sales they may have going on at the time. Then by the time the caller is introduced to a representative they know more about the company, and may even purchase more that they planned on. The company representative is much better received, because the caller is in a better frame of mind, realizes that the company is up with the times, and just by the fact that they produced a professional sounding message says...they care! So don't wait until potential buyers or clients are hanging up on you before you decide to look into getting a great message made for this...as we call it...MONEY ON HOLD. We can write the script, make the voice over, and put the appropriate music (hundreds of choices) behind it.

There are loads of companies out there who do this and the price ranges upward from $600 but, we will do it for sometimes HALF of what they charge, because of our low overhead, and you will agree that the sound quality is as good or better! If you're already playing a radio for callers on hold it's as simple as plugging in a CD player to get started. So CALL NOW for a free quote and free consultation on how to get the right equipment to get started. CLICK HERE FOR A 2 MINUTE EXAMPLE

We also do the same for an Out Going Message for your message machine, so that when someone calls after hours etc. they can hear a professionally recorded out going message urging them to call back during business hours. This gives even the smallest business the power of sounding "Big time" to anyone calling in, and can make the difference in attracting new business from a higher level of client.

Original Song Demos

Are you a talented song writer, or musican, and have a hit song waiting to be published? If so, you need to have a demo so record company exec's can listen to it. We can produce it for you or let you play it, sing it, do it. It's all up to you. We've got 24 separate tracks of digital recording power to give you, and end up with a CD you can send out to the world, or publish it on You Tube or where ever you want. Call us for more info and a individual quote to go to the site where you can hear some of the original songs we recorded....CLICK HERE

Pilot Shows

Are you trying to create and original animated short story or movie for TV? At Vector we've got the voices, and the portable equipment to get you up and creating a finished product whenever you are ready with a finished script. Below is a link to a project we created for an audio producer in Hollywood. The entire script, all the music, voices, and final recording / mixing was done in our studio.


Again SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Call NOW, for a free quote and more info-949 542 7935