Technical Writing

Since 1975 we have been creating installation and assembly manuals, "How to" articles, and a host of technical publications to make it easier for people to use their new purchases, without having to hire an engineer to put it together. Writing instructional text that is simple, and easy to understand, is an art form not possessed by all writers. Murphy's Law says, "If something CAN go wrong, it WILL go wrong." In this case, "If something can be misunderstood", it will be, and it is our job at Vector to make certain this never happens. Tell us your end objective, and we will come up with a clear and decisive document that lets your customers / clients know you care about their success in assembling, and using the product or service.


The saying, "One picture is worth a 1000 words", is never more true in an explanation of a technical service or product. If you've ever bought a BBQ grille (in a box) you know the feeling of seeing two parts that look exactly alike but have different names and numbers. All of the illustrations created at Vector are concise, and accurate down to the last thread. When accompanied with easy to understand text, in a natural chronological order, the end user is pleased, and glad they picked your service or your product to purchase.

Transcription / Typing Service

If you're not the fastest typist in the world, but you need your grant, or manual yesterday, please give us a chance with our super fast turn-around time. Many times it results in 24 hours or less. We can take an Mp3 or .Wav audio file over the Internet, or off your web site, and begin work the same day. Depending on what type of file, how easy it is to understand,and several other factors, we may even get it back to you the same day!The rate is very simple, 50 cents per minute X the total minutes needed to finish the transcription.

FORMULA: Talk time in min.________ x 170 wpm (av. speaking speed) this gives you the amount of total words _______ div. by 50 wpm(typing speed including having to re-listen to unclear audio, spell check and re-read) gives you total minutes to transcribe ______X .50 per min. = approx cost.

This will give you a "Ballpark" figure or a general idea of how much your project may cost. The exact cost may vary, because of variables like quality of recording, the number of speakers on the recording, and calrity will also have a bearing on the cost. Deposit is paid through Pay Pal or check received BEFORE work is started. All work guaranteed satisfaction or $ back.

AutoCad Engineering DrawingsAutocad drawing

Since the '70s we have been creating engineering drawings when the only tools were pencils, vellum,and electric erasers. Since then a lot has changed, now we are in the "Digital age", and Vector has kept in step with the latest versions of AutoCad drawing software, the standard of the drawing industry. Mechanical, Civil, or Architectural disciplines are all well within our scope of experience. We can work from hand sketches, verbal input or make changes to existing AutoCad & DFX files with timely speed and accuracy. Call us for a custom quote and give us a chance to earn your business, we have a very fast turn-around time and great personal attention to your deadlines, and parameters. Here's an example of a very simple garage addition remodel project for a private residential client that was required by the city planning department.

Hand DrawingsHand lettering

If you need sketches or hand drawings we can still turn them out just like we used to in the days when all you had was a slide bar and a T Square. Just give us your ideas, or scribbles and we will make them into in informative work of "Informational transference". Hand printing or lettering is not a lost art at Vector.


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